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Fine custom knives and artistic creations.
Larry and Rodney Connelley are purveyors
of the best knife makers and artists in
the custom knife industry.

Knife Network Forums.

The best custom knife information source
on the web.
I refer all technical engraving-related
inquiry's to the "Fine Embellishment
Forum", where I'd be happy to help you
with your questions. The Embellishment Forum
was established to attract scrimshanders,
carvers, etchers as well as engravers to
it's dedicated membership. If you want to
learn how and why it's done, or share your
latest project, come aboard and join us.
... You'll be welcome!

Visit ...
Knife Industry Search Engine


Wild Rose Trading Company.
Some of the finest holsters, knife sheaths
and historical interpretations you'll find
anywhere. Chuck Burrows - owner/artist.

Alaskan hospitality as it used to be.
Mike and Ellen Adlam - owner/operators.
... They're family and great hosts!
They have the connections for anyone
wanting a "walk-a-bout" in the Alaska
wilderness or just a comfortable place
to feel at home.
Let Mike take you on a day trip or
over-nighter into the Kenai National Wildlife
Preserve canoe system.
Fish for rainbow trout or kick-back and
soak in some peace of mind.
The experience is "real" Alaska.

Lori Ristinen - Scrimshander.
A true talent for the medium of ivory scrimshaw. 
She puts her heart in the work, and it shows.
A sensitive artist with an eye for depth and detail.

Want to build that personal knife for yourself
or as a gift?  These well-designed and crafted kits
are the best available in the industry.
They're a great introduction to the world of knifemaking that includes a dedicated support
group of fellow enthusiasts.
Check out their impressive gallery featuring
 work from some very talented individuals.

Raymond Richard - Bladesmith.
Hand forged knives and tomahawks with a
high-sense of frontier period styling.

Long Hunter Shooting School.
"Marlin firearm specialist"
Products for cowboy action shooting enthusiasts.

Larry Kemp - Bladesmith.
Specializing in quality hand forged custom knives.

Valuable source for knife making supplies.

One of the last do-it-all gun shops in existence.
I have worked with Ron Lippold - owner, for
many years.
The late Leonard Mews, Roy Weatherbys
and checkering artist, was a frequent and entertaining visitor. The knowledge and workings of the gun trade discussed in this shop could fill volumes.
Paul Lippold Restorations:
Ron's son, Paul has a well-respected reputation for quality and service in the arms industry with his fine finishes on antique and modern firearms.
Beautiful case-colors and traditional metal treatments are specialties.
I work through their shop with restoring
engraving patterns and lettering on vintage Colts,
Winchesters and Parkers, to name a few.
... A "complete" restoration service.

Don Cowles - Knifemaker.
Don's signature style is easily identifiable.
Elegance, fine finish and eye appeal sum it up
for me in a custom collectable or working knife.

Helping grow small industry-specific businesses
with 24/7 coverage.
A great community to belong to.

Steve Lindsay - Engraver.
One of the finest engraving artists in the world.
Steve also designed and introduced the AirGraver
pneumatic engraving handpiece.  An extremely responsive and precision crafted engraving tool.

 Cowboy Action Shooting instruction and sources.

High quality hand made leather knife sheaths and accessories crafted by Robert Schrap.

Theo's favorite knife links and home of
Deception Miniature Cutlery.


U.S. Fire Arms Mfg. Co., Hartford, CT, USA. Leading made in USA manufacturer of 19th century guns and rifles including the Single Action Revolver, US Pre-War, Lightning Magazine Rifle and the Cowboy Action Rodeo.

Geoff Rutledge - Knifemaker.
Quality hand made knives designed for serious
field use.

Don Schroeder - Custom bamboo fly rod maker.
Beautiful hand crafted rods for discriminating
fly fisherman.

Custom knife photography by Jim Cooper.


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