Pricing Guidelines:

I offer an extensive repertoire of engraving styles and techniques.  Complicated designs, relief engraving, gold inlay work and portraits require more time to execute properly, and of course have corresponding costs.

My pricing is on a per/job basis.

I take into consideration the size, shape, hardness, etc., of the object in question.
Next I factor in the design ... that is, scroll style, animal portraits, gold work, and so on.
Finally, I do a comparison to previous work
/time logs for similar pieces.

A 50% deposit is required upon receipt of the project, with balance due upon notice of completion.

Add-ons or changes to the projects scope can be made before the work starts, but corresponding costs will incur.

I work at maintaining a realistic turn-around time.  Call for current project/delivery status.

I  reply to all serious requests but please be patient for the answer, as it may take more time to research your
project needs.

When asking for a price quote, please include full name, shipping address and daytime telephone number along
with project description.


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