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A formal art background in drawing and metalwork laid the foundation for my engraving career during the late 1970's and early 1980's.

At the same time, I had the role as assistant to a former Chicago Art Institute conservator, teaching conservation/restoration techniques to museum interns
at the college level.

My mentors area of expertise was paper conservation, and he introduced me to the works of the great print masters.
Among them, the engravings of the 15th. century artist and engraver,
... Albrecht Durer.

...Thinking back, this is where my interest in engraving began.

The challenge and discipline that the engravers art demanded was the attraction for me.
Add to that an appreciation for finely made objects, and it soon became obvious in which direction my art career
was heading.

I purchased a few tools and James B. Meeks engravers bible, "The Art of Engraving".
With practice, patience and perseverance ... I took up the challenge.
The conservators approach became a valuable asset, lending thoroughness to my method and handling of quality pieces.

My early commissions began with custom knives, expanding to gun engraving, followed by restoration engraving.

As a professional full-time engraver, the objects I embellish are numerous and varied in nature.

... I strive to be thorough by incorporating methods that lend accuracy and efficiency to my work.
... My philosophy is to push the design envelope further with each engraving commission.
... The goal is to create an object of lasting beauty and value for my client, that is more than meets the eye.

Examples of my work were included in Tom Turpin's book, "Custom Firearms Engraving", and several custom knife
industry publications.

I've enjoyed the opportunity to demonstrate and discuss the engravers art with several organizations and art-metals classes.
... The audience interaction is the most gratifying part of the presentation.

I co-host the "Fine Embellishment Forum" with fellow engraver, Jim Small, on the Knife Network Forums.

... The emphasis of this forum is shared technical information and promotion of embellishment art forms.
... Also featuring photography of scrimshaw, carving, ornamental file-work, inlay, as well as engraving.
... Forum address is available on the links page.

... Lastly ...
... I had a knack for drawing at an early age which was fostered by the indulgence of a favorite aunt.
Later, I was initiated into the outdoor life through the mentorship of my senior brother, Terry Adlam.
Somehow, that mix became the foundation for my desire to explore and record my experiences in the wild.
Combined with the coaching I received during my art education, I wanted to push myself into new territory.
I chose the engravers vocation because of the structure and discipline it offered.
But those confines allowed for an opportunity of expression that few graphic artists ever attempt...
... The illustration and sculpture of metal.
Every odd shape presents a new design challenge.  It allows me to think outside the square canvas mentality.
And challenge is what its all about for me.  Throw in a good measure of passion with that too.
When I can use my personal experiences to enhance an object that exceeds my clients expectations,
 ... I know that I've done my best ... because those expressions came from within.

... Enjoy your visit, and thank you for your interest.
... Tim                                                  

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